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Just a few examples of projects that we are proud to have had the opportunity to create - realising our customers dreams.       

The Second Coming
Fordson Pop

Total rebuild of a

20 year old Show-stopper

Mercury Rising
Kustom Merc Truck

Barris inspired...
...and Barris admired!

Room with Zoom
1951 Buick

Big ‘n’ Bad in every way 505bhp Rivierra

Hellbilly Deadsled
1951 Chevy Sled

In B.A. corporate colours,
Satin Black & Mentalflake!

Cremation Creation
1959 Impala Hearse

Possibly the wildest thing
we have ever done!

The Millenium Coupe

1934 Ford

Newstalgia '34 for

the New Millenium

True Brit
Pro-Street P4 Rover

Stock looks, seriously
UNstock everything else!

1950 Plymouth Sled

Chopped and primered,
just how we like 'em

A Right Street Hooker
1958 Ford F100

Classic American truck...
in right-hand drive!

Silver Dream Machine
1953 Chevy Sled

Ultra-cool lead sled
with a modern twist!

Morris J Van

Very very subtle,

yet very very modified

California Dreamin’
Ford Pilot

Total rebuild of

an historic Hot Rod

Master of the Fleet
1942 Chevy

Serious power, subtle
mods, stunning looks!

’29 Model ‘A’

Munster-style hot rod...

...a Man-made Monster

Green with envy!

1940 Chevy Pick-up

More grunt than
a Rhino on heat